Day 6 – AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

Good Evening Sports fans!  Finally, day 6 is in the books.  I am still keeping up my energy levels with ease.  I feel lighter on my feet than when I started, but that probably has something to do with the fact that the cleanse really cleans you out.

I am eating a nice variety of foods and am certainly not starving myself.  I think that is the best thing about the 24 Day Challenge.  You are able to eat like a normal person.  Of course, during the cleanse you have to stay away from certain foods like red meat. However, there is still a huge variety of food to choose from.  Once I am done with the cleanse phase of the 24DC I will be able to eat an even large variety of foods.

One of the most important things that the 24 day challenge teaches people is how to properly portion out food.  We generally seem to think that the portions we need are much larger than what we really need.  This is something that has been engrained in us by society since we were kids.  It really stems from going out to eat a restaurants and them giving huge portions because it makes the buyer think they are getting a better bang for their buck.  So, you have to reverse this thinking and the 24 Day Challenge teaches you how to do this by teaching you how much to eat of each type of food at each meal.

The other thing you will notice is that you will be eating less carbs than normal.  Yes, I know, all “diets” restrict carbs.  There is a reason for this.  Not only does restricting your carbs help you lose weight, but it is healthier for your body as well.  Studies have shown that reducing carbs long term can greatly improve your health and reduces the frequency a person gets sick.  So, I’ll happily reduce my carbs even though I LOVE carbs.

Either way you look at it, the 24DC is working for me at this point.  I haven’t weighed myself since starting, but I can already see changes in the mirror and that makes me happy.  Plus, the path I was going down I would have been breaking my floor boards and having to call a contractor to do some new floor installation.  Haha, not really, but it sure felt that way.

Stay tuned for more!

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