Day 4

Alright AdvoCare fans, day 4 is in the books!

I figured I would sit here and write to you guys while I am waiting for my garage door repairman to show up.

I am happy to report that I am feeling great!  I will say that I am using the restroom quite a bit though.  I have no doubt in my mind that this is because I am drinking a gallon of water every day and am using the fiber that comes with the cleanse package.  The water consumption will stay consistent throughout the 24 day challenge, but the fiber will stop after 10 days.  The fiber is just there to help move everything through your bowels and get your insides all squeaky clean.

Despite dropping my calories down I haven’t been too hungry or too fatigued.  The Spark has helped to keep my energy levels up and the increased amounts of protein has helped keep me full in between meals.

I don’t think I have ever eaten this healthy, or even been this motivated to eat healthy.  I’m really hoping that after this 24 days I will be able to continue eating this way.  I will say that I find it easier to eat healthy than to eat the way I was eating before.  All it took was a little bit of planning and then a couple of hours to cook and prep everything for the week on Sunday.  There are some things that I wait to prep, but the majority of my food is prepped for the week on Sunday afternoon.  I would be cooking Sunday dinner anyway so I just add the food for the week to the list and knock it all out at once.

I am also saving quite a bit of money because I am not eating out or ordering out.  Many people think that buying the healthy food is more expensive.  While it is more expensive in the grocery store, the over all amount I am spending is quite a bit less so far than what I am used to spending.  I mean, think about the math.  $10/day for lunch (give or take) adds up to $50/week.  Making it at home and bringing it in costs me about $5/day or less depending on the specific food I am eating that day.  That is a huge savings over the course of a month, or even the course of a year!

Well, I think that is it.  Stay health friends and I’ll be posting more soon!

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