Day 1

Hey everyone!

So I just want to say that I probably won’t update this everyday, but I plan to update it at least once a week.

Now, today was day 1 of the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge.  I have to say that I feel pretty good.  Today went so much easier than I had anticipated.  The 24DC makes it extremely easy to follow.  I did prep my food last night in order to be ready for the week though.

I’ve found over the years that food prepping is vital to the success of any meal plan.  When you don’t prep your food ahead of time you can often find yourself straying from the meal plan out of shear hunger.  I know I did this many times before, which is why I am such a big advocate of meal planning.

I will say that the one thing I had a difficult time with this evening was not having my glass of wine.  Part of the 24DC is the cleanse phase and during that time period you aren’t supposed to have a whole list of things.  Three of those I consume on a regular basis.  Those are coffee, alcohol, and red meat.  I know, sounds like it is a terrible system, but aside the alcohol out of habit I didn’t have any issues.

The caffeine you would normally intake is supplemented by their product called Spark.  This is a non-carbonated energy drink that not only has caffeine, but it has a bunch of vitamins and minerals in it as well.  I ended up taking two doses of Spark today.  They say that as you detox you will need less and less caffeine.  I can believe that to be true because I remember a while back when I tried not drinking caffeine.  It took about a week of being grumpy, tired, and having headaches before my body finally adapted.  I actually woke up easier without drinking it.  I know, why did I start drinking it again then?  I honestly have no idea.  Taste?

I was also able to get a lot accomplished today.  Not only did I make a bunch of calls for work and get new clients on board, but I had time to take my car and finally go get the window tinting put on.  I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but never made the time.  My car is always so hot when I get it after the sun has been beating down.  So, now it is on and not only does it look good but this afternoon my interior was cooler!  Everyone should look in to getting this done on their vehicle.

Ok, time for bed and then it is back at it tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a another day on the cleanse phase.  Food is prepped and ready to grab and go.  Attitude is good.  Let’s do this!

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